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One step click-lock closure and bottle.

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What makes our bottles unique?

LiquiMedLock's one step click-lock closure and bottle are a unique child resistant, leak resistant and clear tamper evident solution, giving all stakeholders clear chain of custody and the ability to avert diversion.

  1. Outer Cap Assembly

    MMTP compliant CR cap with how-to-open illustrations. Upon closure, the click-lock sound tells that you have ensured a secure tamper, leak proof seal.

  2. Inner Cap Assembly

    Leak-proof ring inside bottom of inner cap assembly.

  3. Tamper Evident Band

    The tamper-evident band breaks and drops onto the bottle shoulder when the cap is removed for the first time, giving the visual evidence that the bottle has opened.

  4. Bottle

    Your easy to grip, square PET bottles with embossed volume calibrations are light amber in colour for a clean visual.

Quality Assurance

At LiquiMedLock™, we are committed to quality and customer service. As such, we adhere to strict production and quality-control standards and protocols. It is our goal to ensure that our products meet and exceed your expectations.

Our products maintain the following quality standards: ISO 13485:2012/AC:2012

To assure that we maintain our high level of quality, we hold a Health Canada Medical Device Establishment Licence – Class 1.

Licensed by Health Canada MDEL #7683