Warranty Information

LiquiMedLock™ warrants products sold against defects in material or workmanship as follows:

LiquiMedLock™, at its option, will replace any defective product unit at no charge, or refund the purchase price to purchaser, provided that
  1. The warranty claim is made in writing within a reasonable length of time.
  2. Proof of purchase by bill of sale or receipted invoice is submitted concurrently with the claim and the purchaser complies with Procedures for Returns listed under the general Terms and Conditions contained herein. This warranty shall not apply to:
    1. Defects or damage resulting from
      1. Misuse of the product,
      2. Use of the product in other than its normal and customary manner,
      3. Accident or neglect,
      4. Improper testing, operation, maintenance, service, repair, installation, or storage,
      5. Unauthorized alteration or modification; or
    2. Post-expiration dated materials.

Quality Assurance

At LiquiMedLock™, we are committed to quality and customer service. As such, we adhere to strict production and quality-control standards and protocols. It is our goal to ensure that our products meet and exceed your expectations.

Our products maintain the following quality standards: ISO 13485:2012/AC:2012

To assure that we maintain our high level of quality, we hold a Health Canada Medical Device Establishment Licence – Class 1.

Licensed by Health Canada MDEL #7683

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